Bell peppers need high-nutrient soil. They growing well in well drained soil, with plenty of sunshine. Raised beds are ideal for bell peppers, with healthy compost and rotted manure mixed together.


Your bell peppers grow into tiny bushes, which require lots of air circulation. Giving them enough space by spacing them 12 to 18 inches(30-45cm) apart, and at least 24 to 36 inches(60-90cm) apart in the rows.


During germination, bell peppers need plenty of water. You must keep them moist, but not soggy. They are going to get a sour taste if they don’t get enough water. You may use mulches to keep the soil moist.


Your bell peppers are ready to harvest when they turn their final color. They can be red, orange, yellow, green or purple depending on the type. The more you harvest, the faster it grows, so gather them up regularly.