Green beans are easy to grow and thrive in almost any soil. However, they must have good drainage or the seeds will rot. To prepare the soil, break up large clods of dirt and rake the area smooth.


Plant your seeds 1 to 1 ½ inches(2-3cm) deep, and 2 inches(5 cm) apart within rows. Space the rows about 24 to 36 inches(60-90 cm). If you want lots of beans, plant beans every two weeks.


Bean like peas need much moisture during germination. Water them thoroughly once a week and ensure that the soil drains well. You don’t need to irrigate them as much once your peas start to sprout.


Typically, fresh beans are ready for harvest around 8-10 days after flowering. They will be pencil thin, and the beans will be bright green. The bean pods will snap easily when bent. Pinch or cut the beans off rather than pulling them.