In order to successfully cultivate flowers and vegetables, it is a prerequisite to choose good seeds. It often leads to germination failure, if it is a poor quality or mildewed seed. Therefore, before planting, please make sure that the seeds you have screened are healthy seeds that are full of vitality, pure variety, full-bodied, large and heavy and disease-free.

Seed Treatment Before Sowing

In order to promote the rapid germination of seeds, you should carry out proper treatment for some seeds that sprout slowly. Methods include: soaking seeds, contusing seed coats, seed dressing, drug treatment, freeze-thaw methods, and sand storage.

Seed Soaking Method

Seeds that are generally easier to germinate can be directly sown without treatment. However, for seeds with thicker seed coats, they must be soaked before planting. You can soak the seeds with cold or warm water. The time of soaking can be determined according to different seed types, generally limited to 24 hours, and if the time is too long, the nutrients are easily damaged. You must be aware that the soaked seeds cannot be sown in excessively dry soil because the dry soil will take the seeds’ moisture and prevent the seeds from germinating.

Contused Seed Coat

The method of damaging the seed coat is suitable for seeds that are relatively hard but impervious to water and gas. But be careful not to damage the embryo. This method of consultation and approval is often used for seeds such as canna, lotus, yellow flower and oleander. The method is to use a knife before planting, injuring the seed coat or grinding a part of the seed coat, and then soaking in warm water for 24 hours.

Grass Ash Seed Dressing

For the seed with oil wax, you can mix the seed with the ash and water, and use the alkali in the ash to help remove the oil wax.

Drug Treatment

For seeds with hard coats, drug treatment can also be carried out to change the permeability of the hard seed coat and allow it to germinate rapidly. Generally, you can soak the seeds with 2% to 3% of acid salt or concentrated hydrochloric acid. Soak the seeds until the seed coat is soft and take out the seeds, then rinse them with water and sow them.

Freezing Method

In some winter areas, seeds can be sown and watered before winter, and after the winter land is thawed, the seeds can be germinated in spring after the seed shell is broken.

Sand Storage Method

It means that the seeds are mixed with wet sand at the end of autumn, placed in a pot and placed in a ditch of about half a meter, covered with straw, and planted at the beginning of the spring.