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Basic Tips for Growing Beans (Long yard bean, French bean) – Home Gardening

Preparation Green beans are easy to grow and thrive in almost any soil. However, they must have good drainage or the seeds will rot. To prepare the soil, break up large clods of dirt and rake the area smooth.

Basic Tips for Growing Sweet Corn – Home Gardening

Preparation There are many different kinds of sweet corn and many colors of available. Sweet corn requires warm soil. You should plant corn in the warm season or in the summer.

Basic Tips for Growing Tomatoes – Home Gardening

Preparation Many different varieties of tomatoes are available. The best way to plant tomatoes at the right temperature (below 30 degrees and above 16 degrees) is when the soil is prepared.

How to Treat Seeds Before Sowing

In order to successfully cultivate flowers and vegetables, it is a prerequisite to choose good seeds. It often leads to germination failure, if it is a poor quality or mildewed seed. Therefore, before planting, please make sure that the seeds you have screened are healthy seeds that are full of vitality, pure variety, full-bodied, large […]

Basic Watering Method for Potted Vegetables

Watering vegetables in pots is one of the key points you need to pay attention to. Water is very important nutrient carriers for plants, and watering can make the circulation in the soil smooth. The soil is easily dried in a container with limited cultivation space. So you should fill the water before the soil […]

Basic Soils For Growing Vegetables

The soil used for growing vegetables must have a soil with good drainage and water retention and good ventilation. The water and fresh air can infiltrated immediately when watered. The excess water can easily drawn to the ground, and when touched by the hand it will have a soft touch. The soil will dry easily […]

Vegetable Gardening

Lately, vegetable gardening has become as common as going to the supermarket. Your vegetable gardening can produce vegetables that are generally cheaper than buy from shop, and the taste is more better. Vegetable gardening is no different than growing herbs or flower and they will flourish and produce very tasty vegetables if you take the […]